Monday, 17 December 2012

as we were

A brisk november 8th morning:

can you tell what it is yet?

of course it was the malden! happy to have joined the malden family on philofaxy
i don't care if i'm not affiliated with philofaxy, i'm part of the family whether they like it or not! i'll just be the strange uncle that shows up at family gatherings and no one has the heart to turn him away.

I named him doctor grey (dr. dre, anyone?) i thought it was funny anyway...

Sunday, 16 December 2012


/probably around summer 2012
after browsing little twin stars stationary i came across some really cute 2012-2013 inserts for the LV agenda. For two weeks i tried to discern the differences between sizes and ring spacings and eventually learnt the difference between the sizes of the agenda. I had no interest in LV, and discovered filofax. i had my heart set on a personal but the inserts i had found were pocket-sized. Eyed up the swift for a good few months.
/a few months later
Saw the swift in-store and was worried i'd scuff the fabric with the ridiculous amount i carry in my bag. Somehow came across the malden, i loved the piazza and metropol, beautiful colours; but i'd always keep coming back to the malden. i had heard wonders of it's soft leather and flatibility (had long been lurking philofaxy) and had my heart set on it. Funds were the only problem.
The ochre was my favourite, and also most hard to come-by, the vintage pink was on sale everywhere at around £20 for a personal. I was very torn. An ochre came up on bids on eBay and i narrowly missed out on it (curse you Odeon cinemas with no signal, i happened to be just finishing a film and it ended just as i got into signal range, and for only £23 including shipping) a few months later another ochre came up, this time i wasted no time and asked the seller if she'd accept £35 including shipping for the beauty. She accepted! I then got buyer's remorse and backed out as it was planner only and for a first filofax, even with all the help/ printable inserts on philofaxy, i had no idea where to start with inserts, and was worried it could get very expensive. (it ended up going for £57 on bids a few days later)

One day my partner surprised me with a box in his hands. I wonder what is inside...

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will be posting retrospectively as i put off creating a blog for a few months.
Not sure whether to go by my real name or not here so i'll be milky for now

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