Monday, 17 December 2012

as we were

A brisk november 8th morning:

can you tell what it is yet?

of course it was the malden! happy to have joined the malden family on philofaxy
i don't care if i'm not affiliated with philofaxy, i'm part of the family whether they like it or not! i'll just be the strange uncle that shows up at family gatherings and no one has the heart to turn him away.

I named him doctor grey (dr. dre, anyone?) i thought it was funny anyway...

it came with 2012-2013 wo2p diary standard white, to my disappointment. After seeing angela's lovely weeks i couldn't help but fall in love- the equal days was the real clincher. so i had a look on eBay, more about that in another post!

not sure if its visible but it did come with a slight ring fault :c i had read all about checking if there were any gaps, and the shockingly deteriorating standards of filofax binders, and luckily there weren't; but the bottom ring has a slight "overlap". I'm not sure if that's the correct term, one side of the ring is higher than the other- the pages catch on it as i turn, especially the today ruler. 
So not sure what to do really. Its not a major problem, but it is a fault, and i want doctor to be perfect. I registered it as soon as i got it, so i could probably send it in to have the rings fixed, but i don't want to be apart from it. And as it was a gift from my partner, i'd be worried they might just replace it.

the mysterious code. the same as other malden's i've seen on philofaxy.


  1. The code indicates the date, location and batch number ;-)

    1. oh wow, thanks steve. interesting stuff! i'll have to do some research...

  2. I have a Personal Malden in grey, too. Aren't they scrummy?